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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  December 7, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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and welcome the huckabee. if you're one of the few people still reading newspapers or if you watch television news this week, you probably thought the most important story of the entire week was the reaction to
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the death of a petty street criminal at the hands of new york place and the lack of charges filed for his death. it may have been the most talked about story and the most reported. but not even close to a story that is rocking your world and you probably didn't even feel the tremor. this week the international monetary funding has stir passed that of the united states and china is now the world's largest economy. we're losing our country, and no one seems to even notice. less than 15 years ago, the u.s. economy was three times the size of china. america is used to having the number one economy in the world and was just taking it for granted.
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our current president once said that running up a huge debt on the backs of our children and grandchildren was irresponsible and unpatriotic, if so e, he's officially now the least patriotic president in history. his solution, keep borrowing and then spend piles more money on everything from free cell phones to paying people additional money to not work. and if that weren't irrational enough, he wants to ignore the -- which will nak it even harder for an american family to stay say float, much les get ahead. all the while he thinks he ought to punish the productivity of workers and companies by justifying the largest corporate tax rates in the entire world. they're even higher than those of france. and they actually elected a real
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socialist to be tlair president. while china's building up its roads, rail lines and free trade market, it's radical left wing environmentalists rush to -- our economy is increasingly built on the government redistricting wealth instead of -- they're building for a robust future, and as of this week, we should now realize that what we're doing isn't working. surely america doesn't want to learn a new chant, we're number two, it's not about the mere pride of being first, it's about having the economic freedom to be a military power capable of protecting our nation against any threat. it's also about being a moral power, to set the table for a
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lawful and just civil days, i am not satisfied with america being number two. and i sure hope you aren't either. we sent huckabee correspondent ryan reese out to talk to holiday shoppers and peek into their bags a little bit. we wanted to see where they were made. >> christmas ornaments made in? >> chesapeaina. >> cowboy boots, where were they made? >> in china? >> china is huge in china. >> made by chinese children for american children. i they's what santa had in mind. american girl, where was it made? >> made in china. >> and we came all the way to
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usa for shopping and we would have gone to china. >> american by design, and where is it made? china. but it's american by design, which means we can charge more. >> yes, that's correct. >> my next guest says my government isn't exactly making it's si for them to stay in business. >> when i think about what's happening, this surprising turn of china becoming the largest economy. how u surprised were you when you heard this? >> governor, i can't say that i'm very surprised. when you look at the head winds of -- for the past five years, the growth has been an namic and the fact that the american economy is doing as well as it is is really a testament to the workers and the managers that are out there. my guys for example get up at
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5:00 if the morning, every single day of the week, they work in a loud and difficult environment, and they're the guy who is put bread on the shelf, where an american goes to the gas station there,'s gas at the gas station, and it's not for our government that we owe the goods and services that exist. it's really disheartening that our economy could be doing so much better if we weren't pushing against some head winds. >> what should we be doing differently to make it good for the worker, the worker that's working on your factory floor, how does he get the next leg up? >> it's not just about the worker, because companies and managers and workers must all be on the same team if they're going to succeed. if a company is divided among workers and managers, the company sooner or later will fail. >> what is the government doing
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wrong, or what could they be doing right. >> it's well known that america has one of the most aggressive and highest tax policies in the world. such a high tax policy strips companies of capital, which is necessary to grow and it's necessary to reinvest in equipment which supports wages of our workers. the second thing, we have got an overzealous regulatory burden that most countries don't face. probably what's more important probably from our perspective, if you look at the rhetoric from the political spectrum, we're told that private companies really didn't cite that. we're being told that private companies aren't responsible for the jobs that are being created and we're told, hey, you should bntd allowed to keep the jobs that --- >> when you talk about the regulatory environment, i mean specifically, what makes it hard, what regulations in your business did you think are
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pretty characteristic makes it tough going forward. >> we receive refunds every year. nonetheless osha, a government safety bureau came into our plant without cause to do a hearing test. it turns out that the tlesh hold for a level which is of concern is about 9 0 decibels. and the recording in our plant was 91 decibels. the remedy for the hearing situation we have in our plant by government standards s a very costly program, days off of work for education and testing, monitoring solutions which are not expensive. the company solution that we v and it costs tens of thousands of dollars in actual costs in lost production. the slig we have is a 1 cent ear
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plug that workers put in their ears and drops the noise by 30 decibels. >> new york mayor bill de blasio subjected young black men like his son ought to be worried about being beat up by cops. cop our next guest has stay with us. own concerns. stay with us. with republican bill ---in louisiana. democrats have not a single u.s. senator left in the deep south, of course there is senator bill nelson in florida. in the next congress, the gop will hold a 54 seat majority on the senate and a large majority
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of the house. senate electric cassidy spent most of his campaign linking senator landrieu to senator cassidy. >> the american people do not like the agenda that obama became has staked out for our country. >> the japanese attacked pearl harbor without washing, more than 2,400 americans died. survivors of that attack gathered at the memorial. world war ii veterans laid wreaths at the memorial in
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remembrance of more than 2,000 people who died during the attack on pearl harbor. one strike coming near the airport, sirius military command-the mill dare command turned the attacks flagrant aggression. i'm harris faulkner, now back to huckabee.
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york city police officers after the nonindictment of i -- critics accused the mayor of fanning the flames after de blasio said that centuries of racism led to moments like these. and he sa patrick lindh said the mayor is throwing cops under the bus. >> we shouldn't be teaching our children that they should be afraid of new york city police officers, because we are the ones, we too are fathers and mothers who go out on that skate. we are the fathers and mothers who are protecting our children, your children, all children, from the criminal element, that's what our children should be afraid of.
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>> thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> you know, this is such an important topic, you wrote about it very passionately. but when you see de blasio saying that he is more afraid for his son being beaten up by a cop than being a victim of a crime. is that over the top? >> i'm 300 pounds and black. i'm more afraid of being beat up by a cop than i am being a victim of a crime in my neighborhood. if we don't like that answer, if we don't like that on the the case, then i think it's on the case, to make me not feel that way, as opposed to on me to magically feel like the cops are my friends when i have so much evidence that there are not. >> there are more minority cops in new york than there are white cops. why would you be afraid of the cops. is it because of this incident? or is it bigger than that. >> two reasons, who says that
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black people can't be racist against other people? >> i think al sharpton said that. that would be my first answer and then there would be several more following that. >> i think the reason why you have fire is because of this conflict resolution issue, right? the cops feel that -- the cops are only allowed to use deadly force if they feel threatened. unfortunately, there is very little that i can do to make a cop not feel threatened by me, just by walking around, living my life, i am perceived as a threat to police officers. >> wouldn't you have to resist arrest? i don't know of anybody who can say, yeah, that was okay, that's exactly how it's supposed to be handled. but i don't think it's the intent to say we're going bring this gooir down right now, we're going to kill this guy. >> the standard should not be comply or i'll kill you. i try to comply with the police, if i'm stopped, i will be like
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what was i doing officer? there are lots of things that -- they don't pull a gun on him, they didn't tase him in the face and kill hill. the chokehold as obviously not helpful to him, because perhaps, with as ma and other things going on. but i don't think anybody has suggested that that was their intent. >> let me tell you about the grnl's decision, why i disagree with that. the grand jury did not have to find that the cop intended to kill him. they had to find that the cop intended to choke him. once they found that the cop intended to choke him. and they difficult the medical examiner said that the choke led to his death. now it's up to the jury, a regular old jury, let the jury
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decide whether that choke was murderous. all the grand jury had to do was find there was an intention to choke, and that choke led to his death. and understand, is there a difference between when the cops take a person's life, but they do it accidentally. versus somebody who did it intentionally. le look, i think that the right answer is it's probably a manslaughter conviction, i don't see from the video, necessarily intent to kill. malice aforethought. i would like a jury of my peers to decide that. maybe they would see it as mans, maybe other people would see it as justified. but again, we have a public way of figuring this out. and that's not a private closed hearing. where the witnesses, like the
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cop wasn't even -- doesn't even get cross-examined over his own past. they see the criminal trial and they understand that a lot of times defendants don't take the stand in their own defense. one of the reasons why they don't take the stand in their defense is because they will be cross-examined sometimes about their prior history. which they don't want out another trial. so when this cop is testifying before the grand jury, without having hiss prior history come up, that's a huge advantage that i would never get. if i ever get accused of a crime, i want to tell the judge, i want to be tried as a cop. >> coming up next, we'll get a different perspective from officer brian willing ham. and p the obama administration
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>> now . and now reaction to the eric garner decision. in flinlt, michigan, it's a city with a black population of almost 70%. he's author of the book, soul of a black cop. le thank you for joining us. >> i want to get right to, what do you react to my previous
5:25 pm
guest, ellie missile, very passionate and very articulate. but do you believe that people ought to be afraid of cops? >> when we put it in the context of the garner decision, when you have that video that the withhold world sees of a police officer employing a illegal tactic and taking the life of a citizen, there should be an indictment and i agree with him. >> was it a racial issue or was it just bad policing of the cop that brought him down. >> sometimes it matters little whether the police ---whether the police officer be white or
5:26 pm
black, the police officer is an agent of the government and if he has his arm around the neck of a citizen and takes his life, then it's an agent of the government that did it, whether it's a white or black person, it doesn't matter. >> one of the things in his article that he brought out is that sometimes cops are more interested in protecting each other than protecting the public. it's a criticism that's toss it at police officers, is it a fair criticism? >> it's been long known that there's a thing called the blue wall of silence with in -- if you speak out against certain activities including the police, there could be retribution inside the ranks. most police officers would shy away from that activity. >> let's talk about some of the things that could be helpful, i
5:27 pm
don't think anybody likes the consequences of what happened in the garner case, i can't imagine anybody seeing that tape and not being who fived by it. it didn't matter whether the guy was white or black, it was unsettling to watch. what could we learn, what should we be doing, as a society, as a culture, as a community, to better bridge between cops and blacks, and cops and whites. >> again we look at the garner situation, and i think there's a blatant evidence of misconduct by the police. in the other case u to the ferguson case, i felt that the young black man-made certain decisions that brought about the circumstances that ended in his life being taken, so i think we have to have account blgts on
5:28 pm
all sides from police and citizens to heal this divide. >> so you see a big difference between what happened in staten island with the garner case versus ferguson and michael brown? >> i do think there's a difference, and again, there's some denial on both sides of the fence, some whites may deny racism on the part of the police, and i think with the ferguson case, there's some denial in the black community that we have a problem sometimes in inner cities for black males to get out of control and create negative circumstances, so if we could deal with that denial on both sides of the fence, then perhaps we could come to the point of hearing. >> two more americans, a teacher and a journalist have been killed by muslim extremists this
5:29 pm
week, can we put a stop to this killing any time soon? the battle against radical islamists, we'll talk about it next.
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another -- after a second brave attempt to rescue him. >> he's also the author of the book the islamic why i became an islamic fundmentalist, what i saw inside and why i left. >> i want to start with a comment that hillary clinton made this week. she intended to say there.
5:33 pm
and she spoke of smart power as being empathetic with our enemies. i'm having a hard time understanding, how are you empathetic with people who would cut the heads off of children and get their heads on a stake. >> i think many people around the world including the victims of these extremists for this so-called islamics state or others in syria. there's no space here for empathy or simply. and strength for them. so i'm completely with you in not trying to be empathetic, but i think the notion of being smart and smart power is one we are able to deport. >> if you were writing that speech for hillary clirp, what would it say differently than this empathy message? >> i would not use the world empathy, i would use the word
5:34 pm
deepen our understanding north to beat them. understand we understand their motivations, we are not going to beat them. at the moment we're not weak on those issues. this is a new form of communism, americ americans-that's where the debate should be. under cutting this theological, philosophical strength that. >> you just said something to me that's very significant. you can't understand it and you can't combat it from looking at it from that perspective.
5:35 pm
you're absolutely right to identify this, and this is one of the reasons why i was so keen to do a show because you understand the power of religion as a mean of motivation and our political behavior. and isis in their most recent magazine poked fun at us in the west. we analyze and overanalyze and aren't direct and blunt in saying you represent an extreme fringe of extremist slauchlt the rest of the muslim world and the civilized world stands in trying to defeat you, and unless we speak to them on theological terms. becoming a suicide bomber for
5:36 pm
them is the beginning of a new life, unless we hit thome for life, by saying they're not martyrs but they're murderers. we're not going to force them to stand back and say, hold on, it's a message that i embrace. and that's where i think impairing main stream normal muse li muslims to hit the campuses. that's not where the u.s. government for that matter, my government is focused on. >> i think your perspective is so very valuable. i hope people will read your book and i hope they understand that you're speaking truth, in a way that very few people are. it's refreshing to have you here, please come back. >> my latest book is called god, guns, grits and gravy, if you
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♪do the walk of life ♪yeah, you do the walk of life need to lower your blood sugar? ask your doctor about farxiga and visit our website to learn how you may be able to get every month free. >> it is it's the stupidity of the american voter. >> it's the basic lack of understanding of the american voter. >> oh, yeah, he called americans stupid and then was caught on camera admitting the obama administration was misleading while selling obama care to the public just to make sure that it passed. next week, economist jonathan gruber, a major advisor in drafting the health care law will have to appear before the house oversight committee. congressman, this week jonathan gruber is going to be testifying
5:42 pm
before the house oversight reform committee. this guy has repeatedly said the american people are stupid. and that's why they were lied to regarding obama care. were you shocked when you heard from his own mouth these kind of statements? >> yeah, and it's why we wanted to bring them in front of the congressional committee and ask him about it. he used taxpayer dollars to deceive taxpayers and once obama became president he made fun of him. so if ever a guy needed to come before congress and answer questions, this is the guy. >> what can you do? what powers does he have when he comeittee? is there any recourse? >> part of what this shows is how bad this law is and the deception that was used to pass it. i always remind people, remember all the false statements we have heard regarding obama care, when they were trying to get his hat,
5:43 pm
if you like your plan, you can keep it, if you like your plan you can keep it, the website's going to go down, the website's secure. so this is just a pattern of these guys trying to deceive the american people. to the american people know this law doesn't work, they were against it when it passed. so we have got to continue to put pressure on them. i know this is a way off, but when we get a new president, we can repeal the law and get rid of it. >> most notably, chuck schumer saying this was a bad political move and it hasn't worked out the way they wanted it. >> republicans vfblt heard those, and some understanding, maybe they should have done things differently, after the last election they probably should have. they're still committed to this
5:44 pm
law. why is it bad for more than people, why it hurts families, and why we need to get rid of it. >> so when we watch these hearings this week, and a lot of americans are going to want to see jonathan gruber squirm in his chair, what kind of questions are going to be opposed to him in these hearings. >> what i do know is this, he was called the key player, he was called the architect by "the washington post," by both romney care and obama care. he went to the white house 20 times. he himself said he was in the white house discussing obama care. all that took place and now pelosi, nancy pelosi says, just some advisor, the president session i don't know who think guy really is, he's an advisor. they used him to try and help pass the law, so i'm sure there will be some questions along those lines as well. >> if he's the architect, i
5:45 pm
would say the bridge is falling down, it will be interesting to watch. >> little sisters of the poor is a group of catholic nuns who have cared for the poor for over 100 years. trying to force them to provide contraceptive coverage which is against their catholic beliefs and if they don't rmgts they'll pay millions of dollars in irs penalties. joshua haully is an attorney with the beckett fund. josh, great having you back on the show, thanks for being here. here's my simple question, how can the obama administration think that the little sisters of the poor are not religious enough to meet the criteria?
5:46 pm
>> for 175 years, the sisters -- they care for the folks, of catholic faith, who are of different faith and people of no faith and now the government says that suspect good enough. if this isn't a religious charity, if this kind of service inspired by their catholic faith isn't religious service, then i don't know what is. >> i was knowing the little sisters of the poor and the work they do, if they're not religious, there ability a baptist in america that has a shot. now you're going through the 10th appeals court this week, tell us what you will be arguing and what you hope will happen as a result. >> the little sister's case is very strict, that the laws and the constitution of the united states do not permit the federal government to force this order of catholic nones to violate their church, get it -- that's
5:47 pm
what the federal government wants, the obama administration is asking the little sisters to provitd drugs and decides that directly contradicts catholic church teaching or to authorize their insurance company to provide the drugs and devices on behalf of the little sisters, neither of those things are consistent with the laus or constitution of our country. so to me, the bottom line, governor is this, neither are necessary, no standing access to contraception. but the government doesn't need to force the little sisters to violate their faith in order to establish that goal. >> i the little sisters lose, we all lose, because now we have the government telling us it's okay to believe, as long as we believe within the context and limits of what the government says is religious enough. is en best wishes and delighted to have you back. >> thank you for having me.
5:48 pm
>> well, it's time to cut loose >> isles time to cut loose and kick off your sunday shoes, the talented a.j gray is going to be joining the rilittle rockers an we'll be perform iing "foot loo jshsz when we come back. for over 60,000 california foster children,
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>> have you ever heard of the six degrees of kevin bacon? it is based on the concept that every person who starred in or worked on a hollywood film is no more than six steps away from being connected to actor kevin bacon. here's an example of the game coming full circle. he was in the movie sleepers which starred deniro.
5:52 pm
deniro was in deer hunter featuring christopher walken. walk kin was in wedding crashers which starred young bradley cooper. bradley cooper was once a guest on this show where he was interviewed by yours truly. i play base on this show and our guest today musically is aj ray who will perform the song "foot lose" from the movie that turned kevin bacon in to a star. you got the full story and now here is aj ray. >> good to be here. i want to say i met you in israel when your family was with me there last year. you blew me away with such talent. how old are you? >> i am 15. >> i am a little older than that. i still don't have the moves you have. you dance, you sing, has music always been a part of your life? >> yes, it has. i have been singing since i was
5:53 pm
this tall. >> dancing i have to ask you how did you get the dance moves? teach yourself how do do that? >> i have a teacher back in dallas. you want to learn? i can teach you the basics. >> what's some moves? >> i think we are going to do that the next time you come back. >> okay. >> you have something to shoot for? fair enough? >> that's fair. >> i think we ought to rock the house. let's do foot lose. ready? >> yeah. >> all right. ♪ flush flush co ♪
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♪ ♪
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don't forget >> don't forget to set your dvr ever sri saturday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we don't want you to miss a
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minute of the show. hope you enjoyed being here. that's it for now. this is mike huckabee from new york. good night and god bless. now stay tuned for "justice with judge njeanine." >> welcome to "hannity" tonight. they are the forgotten victims of missouri. small business owners whose stores were looted some burned to the ground in the wake of the michael brown decision. we are making their voices heard tonight. (sirens) >> i had the surveillance on my computer. saw the whole thing. >> i actually could have dd.


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